Why Shop Local??

For over 55 years The Brides World & Tux World has been a family owned & operated business. We pride ourselves with providing the surrounding community with high quaility products and customer service.

The “Shop Small”  initiative by American Express supports local economies, promotes vibrant and diverse communities, as well as many other practical reasons to shop local all year around!

1.)  Small businesses give back to the community

When you “Shop Small” your sales tax stays in your neighborhood. You help fund public education, parks and recreation, street improvements, and vital services like public safety.

In addition we pride ourselves by supporting the following:

Sandusky High School Music Program

Norwalk High School Music Program

Margaretta High School music Program

Victory Soup Kitchen

Heartbeat – Step up to Success

United Appeal – Norwalk

Easter Seals

2.)  Local store owners create local jobs

The Small Business Administration reports that local businesses added 8 million jobs within th American economy since 1990, while only 4 million jobs were provided by the larger companies.

3.) Local owners use local services themselves

We know the importance of small businesses in our community. We support a wide variety of local businesses from accountants to florists to print shops and everything in between.

4.) Local establishments provide great customer service

We value each and every customer that comes into our store. You’re not just another number! We want your wedding day planning to be an amazing experience and help you along the way.

5.) It feels good to help neighbors and friends succeed

Theres something special about knowing the owner of the store when you walk in or knowing them when you’re walking out. You can ask about family, congratulate them on their anniversary and feel comfort of familiarity!

6.) It’s about preserving the community

The American Independent Business Alliance said it best: “ The disappearance of local businesses leaves as social and economic void that is palpable and real –  even when it goes unmeasured… A communities quality of life changes in ways that are micro economics is slow to measure or ignores completely.”

Hope you decide to Shop Local!






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